February 21, 2019

Singles Cruises – How Old is Too Old?

Have you ever thought about taking a singles cruise, but felt that you are out of the usual age range? Think again. As long as you are over 18, there is a singles cruise for you. In fact, there are cruises designed for every age range in the book, where single people can get together and have fun … and maybe even meet the partner of their dreams.

Depending on the cruise, you might be able to take a trip with only other singles from your age group (usually a 10-20 year span) or a completely multi-age cruise where young and not so young mingle. Let's take a look at what you can expect from each of these.

20-30 Singles Cruises

For this age group, there are often plenty of cruises available and full of fun activities. Because these singles are fairly young, most cruises consist of non-stop partying and may not be as serious as another age group. While this age range can certainly find a serious partner, it's more likely that this is just going to be a fun time with the possibility of finding your match.

30-50 Singles Cruises

The majority of cruises for singles over 30 tend to be more planned out. Rather than non-stop dancing and all night bar rounds, you can expect to have more interesting games and activities to help you meet others in your age range. These cruises tend to be more about people than about just having fun. Even if you do not find that perfect someone, you can enjoy making some long lasting relationships on a singles cruise.

50+ Singles Cruises

These days, it really does not matter how old you are, there is a singles cruise for you. In fact, many people hit 50 and find that they are divorced and alone and are scared about dating again. Joining up with a singles cruise for this age group can be a great way to meet other singles your age, without any pressure. There will be lots of scheduled events and activities to keep things interesting and lively and you will have the chance to interact with a variety of people and make new friends … but who knows, one of them may end up being more than just a friend!

Multi-age Singles Cruises

Not all singles cruises are divided up by age. While the majority of people will prefer to stick to their age group, there are still some cruises that take any age at all. These can be particularly good if you find yourself attracted to much younger or older partners, or if you just want to keep the playing field open. Age should not be a big deal in romance and that is what these crises focus on. They offer the opportunity to enjoy company of all ages in a number of different activities and fun settings that will free you up to chat with others and makes some friends while you keep an eye out for that special someone.

Whether you choose to take a singles cruise with a specific age range or one that pays no attention to numbers, you'll find yourself having a blast while enjoying the opportunity to meet other singles. There's no stress about loving someone only to find out they are actually married, since everyone is here because they want to meet someone.

Hanging out with like minded singles on a cruise ship is all about having fun and meeting potential partners in a non-threatening situation. What could be more relaxing and romantic than a singles cruise ?

Source by Amy Nutt

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