February 28, 2019

Tips For Cruising Inexpensively – 7 Awesome Tips to Cut Down Cruise Expenses

Why do you need tips for cruising inexpensively? Do you think you can get an awesome cruise experience without spending a fortune? The simple straight answer answer is yes you can! Pay close attention my friend – Do you know how the cruise line system works? Cruise lines actually enjoy the fact that you do not have any idea how everything works and they're taking advantage of you. I'll show you how you can save thousands of dollars on your every cruise at the end of this article but first let's take a look at some very helpful tips for cruising inexpensively.

Get the early bird – Many of the cruise lines now use tiered price schedule with excellent discounts to those who book the earliest. As the ship gets more passengers, prices will increase. Do not expect the prices to drop with this system but if the ship did not get enough passengers, prices can go down as it approaches embarkation.

Book your own airfare – Many cruise lines offer package deals that include airfare but it's best that you book it yourself. You can get it much cheaper and you can shop around for the best airfare deals, flier miles and specials.

Cruise in the off season – August, September and October, also known as the hurricane season, are the off season months for cruise lines sailing the Atlantic and Caribbean. You can also get some good deals in late fall and winter in lines that sail to Alaska and Europe.

Shop around for the best deals – The competition is stiff when it comes to getting passengers on board cruise lines and this is where consumers win. You can search online for some of the best cruise deals and you can also ask your travel agent. Do not over think this though, get a few of the deals and just choose the best one.

Do not pay more for your cabin – If you basically just need a place to sleep at night then you might as well book an inside cabin. There are different prices so make sure that you do your research first before booking your cabin.

Setup your own shore excursions – You may think it's less trouble to let your cruise line arrange this but it's cheaper if you do it on your own. Tour operators also provide bookings for passengers so call and ask for the price if you can set it up yourself.

Manage your on board spending – Many cruise lines use an on board account and this can easily make you spend more than enough if you're not careful. Bring a small note and jot down your spending so you can easily tell whether you need to cut back.

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