March 1, 2019

Features of the Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises provide passengers with the opportunity for a sea journey aboard the ships of one of the largest fleet of passenger ships in the world. The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is also the cruising company managing Celebrity Cruises offering voyages on the Alaskan region. Probably the most important contribution of the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines in the industry is when it launched one of the largest cruising ships 'Sovereign of the Seas' in 1988. It set off the rebirth of the construction of large mega ships. Another mark it made in the cruising industry is the 'Freedom of the Seas' in 2006. It featured the first ever surfing machine aboard a cruise ship. The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is up to now dominating the industry as the innovative and creative cruise company.

The Royal Caribbean fleet is composed of the largest passenger ships. From the fleet, the 'Empress of the Seas' is the smallest, yet it can accommodate up to 1,600 passengers. Each cabin in the ship can accommodate 2 passengers. The fleet also has the Vision class which is significantly roomier than the Empress. The class offers room for about 1,800 to 2,400 guests. The Radiance class of the Royal Caribbean fleet offer accommodation for 2,000 passengers and more. The Voyager class' behemoths can sail with more than 3,100 guests aboard. The staterooms of older ships are considered smaller than staterooms of newer vessels yet the public areas like the balcony are grandly open and deluxe.

Royal Caribbean Cruises start off from numerous ports in the US. The cruise ships which depart from the ports in Tampa, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale and Miami offer voyages to the Caribbean and Bahamas region. If you prefer other itineraries, choose to board Royal Caribbean ships departing from ports in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Galveston and New Orleans. Ships cruising to San Juan Puerto Rico and Vancouver, Canada take passengers to more exotic and interesting destinations. Departure ports of the ships are often changed and ships too are repositioned so it would be smart to check this information from the Royal Caribbean's official web site or from your travel agent.

Aboard the ships are truly exceptional amenities and services. Apart from that, you will be amused with the ship's interior decorations. Exceptional artwork is combined with matching backgrounds which are guaranteed to project a relaxing ambiance. The ship's public area is designed with vibrant and distinct decors. The cabins where passengers stay during the night have more serene decorations. Reputable artists and experts are hired by the cruise company to decorate and design new vessels. These designers utilize design concepts which will highlight the focal areas of the newly constructed ships like Solarium for adults and pool facilities. In addition, there are certain works of art, displayed I the ship's corridors and stairwells which can provoke and induce the creative imagination of passengers. Decorative mosaics can be seen through non-glare and transparent flooring.

Dining periods aboard the Royal Caribbean ships are set with standard time. Early and late seating are provided in the main dining rooms of the ship. Gourmet appetizers, main entrees and desserts are served to passengers. There are also light and healthy foods for guests with special diets.

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