March 25, 2019

Visit Europe's Most Sustainable Countries

People all around the world have realized the importance of transitioning to a more sustainable future beyond our current reliance on polluting fossil fuels. Travel often contributes to the problem rather than being a part of the solution – but what if you could offset your carbon footprint somewhat by contributing to and assisting in this transition? The first step, some might argu, is to reject what is not working and learn from that which does. If you are a keen traveler, are interested in green issues and want to learn in person from the people who are doing the most to turn the tide, visit one of these five countries that are doing better than most when it comes to the use of renewable energy sources:


It has to be said that one part of the UK is romping ahead when it comes to renewable energy and the share that provides of the total energy requirement. The Scottish Government almost met its target of producing 50% of total energy requirement from renewable sources a year early, and is said to be on track to being 100% renewable by 2020. Meanwhile in the rest of the UK, the picture looks rather more bleak. While things are improving, at present the UK only gets around 14 or 15% of its energy from renewable sources, meaning it is lagging behind some of its European neighbors. So head north if you want learn from some of Europe's most sustainable communities. See wind, solar and hydro power in evidence as you enjoy the spectacular and ancient mountain scenery.


Norway tops all the tables when it comes to sustainable energy. This powerhouse of northern Europe not only has fjords and forests, it is also rich in renewable energy sources and it is top of the heap when it comes to electricity production. Almost two thirds of Norway's total energy requirement comes from renewable sources.


Sweden too are showing that Scandinavians have got it right when it comes to renewable energy. They have exceeded all targets and already more than half way to complete independence from fossil fuels. Enjoy the tranquil wildernesses of this great northern land and see how they are managing to be the change that is so unfortunately needed.


Finland already get well over one third of their energy from renewable and with so many abundant natural resources to go at, Finland is sure to continue on this positive trajectory. This land of clear, crisp air and wide empty expanses punctuated by ultra-modern cities is the perfect place to come for an eco break.


Latvia too are getting well over one third of their energy from renewable sources. The icy blasts coming in over the North Sea mean that, of course, wind power is a major component of this energy generation. Riga is fast becoming one of Europe's best city break destinations and the rest of the country provides much more that is all the better for being little visited.

Source by Elizabeth Waddington

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