What Is UX Design?

User Experience is a conglomeration of tasks focused on optimization of a product for effective and enjoyable use. User Experience Design is the process of development and improvement of quality interaction between a user and all facets of a company.U ser Experience Design is responsible for being hands-on with the process of research, testing, development, […]

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Technology Leadership

I have always been intrigued by leadership styles. Back in 80’s, I grew up reading Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives (MBO) work. The MBO framework elaborated a five-step program- determine company objectives, transfer them to employees, employee participation in determining these objectives, monitoring progress and rewarding achievements. Over the years as I have practiced leadership, […]

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Useful Information About Second Hand Process Equipment

One such example is to purchase used process equipment. Many companies do this as a common business practice. Secondly, it helps business managers run a business without exceeding the overall company budget. Regardless of your level of expertise in a business, buying the right second hand machinery to smooth out business operations can sometimes be […]

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