From Ocean Cruises and Ocean Liners to Vacation Cruises and Cruise Ships

The golden age of transatlantic ocean shipping and travel began long after Columbus' trying to prove that the earth was round. After that time, ocean sailing vessels traveled to the new world on a rather infrequent schedule. It was not until the first ocean steamship, the paddle steamer "Savannah" crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1819 […]

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Cruise Line Ratings

Cruise lines are one of the most popular modes of vacation and adventure. The comfort and atmosphere provided makes passengers feel at home while being able to enjoy almost all forms of entertainment. There are many kinds of cruise lines available and the difference between them lies due to the facilities, comfort and quality they […]

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Cruise the Whitsundays and Discover an Australian Paradise

The Whitsunday Islands of Australia are one of the most sublime and unforgettable vacation paradise locations in the world. Located between Townsville and Mackay, some 900 miles north of Brisbane, it comprises 74 islands of the Great Barrier Reef, the world's greatest coral reef system off the coast of Queensland. This tropical getaway boasts well […]

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