The Role of the Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor is an individual who oversees many parts of the construction operation. Traditionally this role has been performed by a highly trained person with extensive knowledge in the operational procedures involved with construction or project management. This position often acts as an independent contractor and is a trusted and respected source for professional […]

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If Someone is Erasing Or Deleting Their Text Messages, is it a Sign of Cheating?

I often hear from people who can’t help but notice that their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend has been increasingly sending and receiving text messages. However, when they go to check up on those texts, they’ve often been deleted or erased. I often hear comments like: “my husband will go and try to find privacy […]

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Guide to Car Rental Companies in Costa Rica 2015

Guide to Car Rental Companies in Costa Rica Rate Comparisons for 2015 Car rental in Costa Rica is an opportunity to explore the remote beaches and quiet corners of this breathtakingly beautiful country. Travel without the restrictions set by public transport timetables and with freedom over group tours. For the unprepared traveler; however, car rental […]

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