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Property Development – What’s an Entitlement and Why Do I Need it to Build?

What is An Entitlement? The definition of entitlement with regard to land development is the legal method of obtaining approvals for the right to develop property for a particular use. The entitlement process is complicated, time consuming and can be costly, but know what you can and can’t do with a piece of property is […]

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Types of Swimming Pools

There are different types of swimming pools and they are named based on their usage. Swimming pools can be public, private, infinity, competition, exercise, natural swimming pools and swimming pools, ocean and hot tubs and spas. Public Pools These public swimming pools are generally found as section of a larger leisure complex or recreational center. […]

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Bon Voyage 1000 – Life As it Was Meant to Be

The product here is off the chart. One of the worlds most innovative Travel websites. They offer unlimited worldwide travel with a personal touch. An International full service travel website offering every type of travel imaginable including Airline tickets, Hotels, and Resort Accommodations, Cars and Limos rentals, Cruises, Tours, and that is just the beginning. […]

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