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Luxury Cruises – Debunking the Myths of Elite Cruises

Recently I’ve talked with some people that think that the luxury cruise market is only for the uber-rich, or star-struck contest winners that wander around Titanic-like ships with first and third classes. They worry about dress codes, fork placement, the dreaded last-day invoice, and a whole host of possible faux-pas they could make while onboard, […]

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Cruise Scams

In our search for a cheap or low cost cruise we often become victims of cruise scams. The word scam is a slang term meaning to cheat or swindle, as in a confidence game. Confidence game reiterates to a swindle effected by gaining the confidence of the victim. And … To swindle is to get […]

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Last Minute Cruises Makes Life Easy – How to Get the Lowest Cruise Fares and the Best Accommodations

Some people plan ahead, others procrastinate. The excitement and spontaneity associated with making last minute decisions can be fun. But it often means you're only left with picking up the crumbs. However, if you like to make decisions at the last minute and you want to get a last minute getaway, there is absolutely no […]

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