Customized Cruising – Package Deals For the Picky

The old cliché about cruises, that the ships are filled with senior citizens playing shuffleboard and sleeping in deck chairs, is just that, an old cliché. Today, international cruise lines offer a wide variety of trips and outings directed towards various kinds of people and interests. In fact, in economic "tough times," these packaged theme […]

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Cruise Ship Vacations – 10 Secrets Experienced Cruisers Know That Will Make Your Cruise Better

Cruise ship vacations are a great way to travel, relax and visit exotic lands. Every cruise I take I learn something new that makes my next trip more enjoyable. Here are 10 secrets that will make all your cruise ship vacations memorable. 1. Most cruise lines offer special discounts for past guests, police officers and […]

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World's Best Cruise Ships

With the best cruises you can explore the vast seas and exotic locales in a relaxed manner while enjoying the best benefits offered in the ships. With ships that feature world-famous chefs, premiere spa service, Broadway shows, and even helicopter tours, these fantastic ships are sure to make the trips exciting and memorable. Whether it […]

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Caribbean Cruise Employment

If you can’t afford to take a Caribbean cruise, why not work on a Caribbean cruise liner. There are many employment opportunities on cruise ships including housekeeping staffs, wait staff, activity planners and photographers. Other positions include deck officers, administrators and musicians. Some jobs, like diving instructors require that you be certified by NAUI, SSI […]

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